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The good vessel
svitzer laura

another successful supply and installation

Lose of heading required

Reported by the crew directly to there super intendant the vessel was in trouble due to a compass malfunction resulting in no heading display effecting numerous equipment’s on board the vessel.

F&C Marine were able to source a replacement unit in quick time and used our installation engineer with over 15 years’ experience.

The installation was done via their local dry-docking port in hull partnered with Dunston’s whom supplied overhead crane needed due to the hard-to-reach mounting place of the equipment’s antenna that was being installed along with the removal of the old defective antenna. Dunston’s also came in handy for fabrications which helped during the installation stages as well.

Big thanks goes out to the yard along with our engineer for getting this done as conditions were not the most pleasant (-4 degrees plus strong winds) you both did a great job under a pressured environment.