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AIS Information Page – Which is best for my vessel how do a choose?

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AIS transceivers help guide choosing the right AIS system. Helps with vessel types options provides information on types vhf antennas class A class B and GPS Antennas.

Automatic Identification System

ais transceiver information help

Automatic Identification System, more commonly known as an AIS within the Maritime Industry, is a system which tracks the movement of any vessel with an AIS on-board.  An AIS can also provided a lot of information about the vessel, from its MMSI number to vessels dimensions.

ais transceiver information help
ais transceiver information help

There are two classes of Automatic Identification Systems; Class A and Class B. The two classes of AIS provide different levels of quality, reliability, price, performance, information and interfacing capabilities. The class of AIS that you choose to purchase will be dependent on the vessels needs and the regulations that you must adhere to.


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