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performance standards for SARTS A.802(19)

performance standards for vhf dsc A.801 (19)

perofrmance standards for vhf dscA.803 (19)

provisions of radio services for GMDSS A.801 (19)

small work boats MGN 280_Annex_1

survey and certs functions class societyies A.789 (19) s

urvey guidlines under the harmized syst of surveys and certs 2007 A.997(25) HSSC

the fishing vessels safty provisions rules 1975 SI 1975 No 330

amendment to HSSC 2007 A.1020(26)

code of practise for fishing vessels 24m and over MGN 501 (F) Fishing Vessels over 24 m

code of practise for safty of small fishing vessels MGN 502 (F) Fishing Vessels less 15 m


correct use of vhf channels mgn 22

critia for provision of mobile sat comms A.888 (21)

documnets to be carried SI 1998 No 2647

fishing vessel 15 greater than 24 MSN 1770

fishing vessel greater than15lessthan24m regs SI 2002 No 2201

fishing vessel less then 15 m msn 1813_amended_5

fishing vessels EC directive on harmonisation saftety regime regs 1999 SI 2003 No 1112

guidence for surveys radio installs MSIS 10

HSSC msn1751

maintence guidlines GMDSS seaq area A3A4 A.702 (17)

marchant shipping radio fishing vessels regs SI 1999 No 3210

MCA radio survey authorisation mgn 392

merchant shipping survey and certs regs 1995SI 1995 No 1210

merchant shipping surveys and regs 2000 SI 2000 No 1334

merchant shipping vessels in commerical use for sport and pleasure regs 1998 SI 1998 No 2771

NBDP performance standards A.700 (17)

performance standard for mfhf dsc A.806(19)

performance standard for sat c A.803 (19)

performance standard for sat c A.807(19)

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