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The good vessel

F&C Marine pulled into action after large wave taken by vessel
marine service

Wave taken
by vessel
resulting in
service required

Vessel took a large wave during their fishing activities lucky there were no fatalities or injuries to crew but service was required to a number of marine electronics.

Captain reported to the owner of the vessel that there was trouble with regards to their Furuno radar on board.

F&C Marine was requested to attend  the vessel to check the radar and all other marine electronic issue’s

In quick time all but the radar problems had been ironed out using our installation engineer with over 15 years’ experience.

Its was found that the scanner unit had took a large amount of pressure from the wave which allowed sea water ingress into the array scanner.

thanks to furuno uk a new scanner was sourced in no time and the scanner was installed wired setup and fully commissioned in one service sitting.

After all works had been finished the captain was reported to be very happy with the completed works carried out

Big thanks goes out to Furuno UK for supplying the unit also our engineer for getting this done in quick time you both did a great job