Marine VHF radiotelephone JHS-800S

JRC Type Approved Marine Class A VHF / DCS JHS-800s

Intuitive touch display operation


Marine VHF / DSC has a 5-inch touch screen control the Class A VHF radio (JRC model JHS-800S) also features a uniform, corporate design with manual-free operation. The all-in-one unit (control unit with speaker, radiotelephone and DSC) has high sensitivity performance, Hi-Fi output and protection rate of IP56.

・Waterproof design (IP56)

・5-inch color LCD touch display

・Class A DSC complying latest GMDSS requirement

・Easy operation・High quality sound (Hi-Fi audio)

・Easy to install by compact design

・Bluetooth interface for wireless speaker mic

・Up to 4 remote controllers

・Easy operation

・All-in-one design

・New designed speaker and handset

Marine VHF Overview

This equipment has standard functions that include regular radiotelephone and DSC (digital selective calling) for distress transmissions, as well as functions to playback and record radio calls in real-time and an easy-to-operate self-diagnosis function.

marine vhf marine dsc

Marine VHF Touch display

marine vhf marine dsc

The JHS-800S is the world’s first Class A marine VHF radio-telephone featuring a 5-inch high-brightness color LCD touch screen, which makes it an outstanding innovative design.

The backlights of the LCD screen with a wide viewing angle and the operation buttons are fully adjustable, preventing interference while keeping night watch.

marine vhf marine dsc
marine vhf marine dsc


marine vhf marine dsc

The JHS-800S even has a Bluetooth interface for connecting to an external wireless speaker mic option.

Marine VHF channel settings and DSC calls can be operated remotely from the JRC MFD. While watching the MFD, you can talk on a location away from the JHS-800S equipment, using a wireless speaker mic

Voice recording

The received voice recording (up to 8 minutes) and playback function enables later confirmation or temporary saving of communications..


The digital audio amplifiers, equalizer function for deep-normal-high voice, specially designed speakers and new handset offer superior sound quality. A remote standalone microphone and pedalswitch can be connected to the Marine VHF via a junctionbox. It is possible to operate the VHF with optional controllers up to 100 m away from the bridge



marine vhf marine dsc