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EM TRACK AIS products offer proven reliability, superior performance and greater functionality at exceptional prices.

The products deliver functionality and performance that make a real difference, combined with seamless plug & play connectivity with any display system, chart plotter, mobile phone / tablet and or PC and therefore ensure you enjoy maximum benefits from AIS.

Every product is engineered and manufactured to operate continuously and reliably, maintenance free for years in even the most harsh and demanding marine environments. The unmatched performance and functionality of AIS transceivers are the result of millions of dollars of core technology research and development and years of experience and expertise.

Developed in England and manufactured in Europe. Each product is manufactured using the high quality components and materials, and undergoes extensive testing before leaving our state of the art manufacturing facility. All em-trak products are internationally certified to  professional SOLAS standards, approved by the USCG, FCC and many others as fully AIS standard compliant AIS transceivers.

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Warranty Terms:

All em-trak products are backed up by our global 24/7 customer support and a three year gold standard warranty.

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