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Established in 1995, Entel are fully independent to its own design and manufacturing divisions and has distribution globally.

Entel designs its own products and manufacture bespoke projects, and as a result, has worked with the Ministry of Defence and Government departments.

UK-based Research & Development Entel is also one of the only manufacturers that will write customised firmware.

Entel manufacturing facility is 100% owned by Entel operates internationally and is recognised with SGS ISO9001.

Entel has is approved to manufacture ATEX intrinsically safe and MED survival craft products

How F&C Marine supports Entel products

F&C Marine’s workshop are able to program, clone and test by electronic frequency testers and entel old and new programming facilities kits.

This can be helpful as even if you have an old version Entel handset, not now supported, we can still inspect the set and program it for multiple end users if required to do so. (F&C Marine offers this service at zero cost to the customer during times of purchasing.)

We try to keep our prices at the lowest possible level to stay as competitive, however. If you have seen a handset at a lower price please inform us, let us know, this is the best way we can help you and also to continually support todays market place.

Below you’ll find most of the range but not all of the handsets as we are continuously updating and including newer sets and removing the older now not supported.

If you cant find what it is your looking for get in contact with us we are here to help in every way F&C Marine can.

Please follow the link which will take you to the full listings catalogue  Link to Full Product handbook

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