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JOTRON products

F&C Marine is an authorized partner for Jotron UK to supply equipment’s to the end user. Below, is an overview of the GMDSS and AIS equipment we can support and supply. For Jotron SART/Handsets batteries replacement kits call F&C Marine directly or you can use the Service Request Link. We are not limited to the products on show via our website. If you require any other products from Jotron products line please let us know F&C Marine holds full pricelisting’s.

If you are replacing Jotron parts such as an EPRIB unit for example please let us know the details of your existing unit. You can either call us to arrange your needs or fill out our online form we will get back to you promptly.

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Jotron UK sales team:

F&C Marine Sales team:

HRU Break Down:  HRU needed PRESS HERE!

F&C Marine online form: Service Request Link

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