TP Radio

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One of the leading European manufacturers of professional radio equipment for data and voice communication. F&C Marine Limited has partnered with TP Radio to provide a top class marine solution of handheld radios and accessories.

“The communication innovators” is equivalent with what TP Radio represents within radio communication.

“Every problem is an opportunity, for a creative solution” The speciality is quality solutions composed, developed and customised upon customer needs Innovation on request.

Product development is the back bone of TP Radio with hardware, software and mechanical R & D. A leading supplier of Land/Marine Mobile Radio Communications. Among the first to implement selective calling systems in PMR radios, and are known for innovative system design. Products are exported through-out the world to more than 50 countries

All products meet the required certifications and standards

Supply Fire Brigades, Police, Defence/Military, Security Companies, Marine, Taxi- & Bus companies, Building Developers, Shipping Trade, Oil Drilling Companies, Industry and other professionals.

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