ANT-400H Coaxial Cable – Direct Replacement for LMR400 With Optional x2 Times Microwave N-Type Plugs

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ANT-400 coaxial cable with multiple length options between 10 and 40 meters.

Optional Pack Of Two N-Type Plugs

    • Cable Length 39.5 £
    • Optional N-Type Plug 32 £
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ANT-400 Coaxial Cable – Direct Replacement for LMR400 With Optional x2 Times Microwave N-Type Plugs

AnT-400 Coaxial Cable - Direct Replacement For LMR400

What Comes With ANT-400 Coaxial Cable:

Selected Length Of Cable:

10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m, 35m, 40m

Optional Extras:

Times Microwave N-Type Plug (Pack Of Two)

ANT-400 Design:

From Inner to Outer:

Solid Copper Clad Aluminium Core, Foamed Polyethylene, Aluminium Tape, Tinned Copper Wire Braid, Polyethylene UV Resistant Outer Sheath.

ANT-400 Design

ANT-400 Purpose

This Coaxial Cable is a direct replacement for LMR400.  It is an extremely low loss cable.  Making it perfect for equipment that requires the best reception possible such as TVRO, VSAT, Long VHF runs and much more.  This cable is able to provide such low loss due to its high quality design.  The copper wire braid and high quality dialect provides it with superior quality.

Quick Specifications

Fixed Temperature Range: -40°c to +75°c
UV & Weather Resistant: ISO 4892-3
Independently Tested by BRE
Flame Retardant: BS EN 60332-1-2; BS EN 60332-3-24C
Smoke Emission: BS EN 61034-2
Halogen Emission: BS EN 60754-1&2


Times Microwave N-Type PlugsTimes Microwave N-Type Plug –  Male Straight Crimp Connector For ANT-400

  • Connection – N Type
  • Gender – Male (Plug)
  • Orientation – Straight
  • Impedance – 50 Ohm
  • Frequency (VSWR) – 10 GHz (<1.25:1)
  • Coupling Nut – Hex/Knurl
  • Pin Type – Spring Finger
  • Outer Contact – Crimp ferrule
  • Body Finish – Alballoy
  • Pin Finish – Gold

Data Sheet – Plug Information



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