CELmar0T 100056-P


CELmar0T antenna

CELmar0T 100056-P
Marine and Land Based VHF Stainless Steel Whip. Tx/Rx. 100 W
0 dBd. UHF female. Fc ±3% @ 141-179MHz. Packed in plastic

This is a stainless steel omnidirectional antenna for marine and land based solutions. It
is an extremely flexible whip antenna. Suitable for rail and mast mounting. No mount
included. Covers centre frequency ±3% within the frequency range of 141-179MHz,
cutting chart enclosed. The antenna is manufactured in premium quality materials in
order to prevent galvanic corrosion. Radiating elements are made of copper. The
antenna is manufactured using crimping technology giving the antenna a 4-5 times
stronger build-up. The antenna has the same rugged design as all other AC Antennas
products thus it withstand harsh environmental conditions, both on sea and land.

Short description

Product group – VHF
Design  – Whip
Pattern – Omnidirectional


Electrical specifications

Frequency range [MHz] A: 141-174* / B: 146-162.5 / C: 160-164
Bandwidth [MHz] * Fc ±3% within 141-179
Nominal Impedance [Ohm] 50
Max. Input Power [Watt] 100
Gain [dBd/dBi/Marine dB] 0 / 2.15 / B: 3
VSWR A: N/A B:<1.5:1 C:<1.8:1
Polarisation Vertical
DC Shorted No
DC Grounded Yes
Connector UHF-Female

Mechanical specifications

Length [m/ft] 1.21 / 4.00
Sections 1
Weight [kg/lbs] 0.15 / 0.33
Survival Wind Speed [km/h / m/s / mph] 200 / 55 / 124
Wind Area [m2/ft2] 0.0028 / 0.0302
Wind Load @ 160km/h [N] 4
Material Stainless Steel
Colour Steel grey
Operating Temperature Range [°C/°F] -55 to +60 / -67 to +140
Ingress Protection IP66
Thread 5/8″-24TPI male / –
Mounting No mount included


Download product datasheet: celmarT datasheet


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