Comar AIS Class B Transponder c/w AG100 GPS Antenna, 10m cable

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CSB200 Comar AIS Class B Transponder c/w AG100 GPS Antenna

Comar CSB200 AIS Class B Transponder c/w AG100 GPS Antenna

Comar AIS Class B Transponder c/w AG100 GPS Antenna

CSB-200 is AIS Class “B” Transponder for the small Commercial Boat, Fishing Boat and Leisure Markets.

Compact self contained unit and has a dedicated GPS antenna which transmits its own vessels position and data

Receives information from other vessels, shore stations and Navigational aids within VHF range.

Connected to a compatible on board PC running a Navigation Program, or a compatible stand alone GPS Chartplotter, the information can be displayed on screen giving the skipper a visual interpretation of the name, position, course and speed of other vessels.

The CSB-200 provides a small vessel with:

  • automatic transmission of vessels own position, speed and heading to other vessels within VHF range
  • a method of monitoring the position, speed and heading of other vessels within VHF range
  • the ability to plot the progress, changes in heading and speed of other vessels on a PC or compatible GPS Chartplotter
  • a vessels name, call sign and MMSI number to call up the target vessel on a DSC radio and ascertain their intentions

The information that is transmitted by the Comar AIS (CSB200):

  • Name of your Vessel
  • Vessel Call Sign
  • Vessel MMSI Number
  • Type of Vessel
  • Vessel Dimensions
  • Position
  • Speed (SOG)
  • Course (COG)
  • Heading

The information received by the CSB200:

  • Transmissions from both Class A and Class B vessels
  • Safety Messages
  • Aids to Navigation

The CSB200 is compatible with PC Navigation programs and Chart Plotters that are capable of accepting standard NMEA 0183 AIS sentences. For information about compatibility please consult your PC software or GPS Chartplotter manufacturer.


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Manual: CSB200 – Class B AIS Transponder

Software: CSB200-MA-v05r01

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