CVS-FX2 multi-frequency black box fish finder echo sounder

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CVS-FX2 multi-frequency black box echo sounder

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CVS-FX2 koden sounder fish finder


CVS-FX2 multi-frequency black box echo sounder fish finder


Multi-frequency black box echo sounder

The CVS-FX2 Broadband 3kW digital echo sounder is designed to satisfy the most demanding professionals.  The 15″ sunlight viewable display can simultaneously show 4 frequencies from within the operating range of the installed Broadband transducer. fishfinder

  • 15″ Sunlight viewable XGA high res display
  • 25kHz – 210kHz Super Broadband frequency
  • Simultaneous four frequency display
  • Extremely high sensitivity & low noise
  • 3kW Power output
  • Long range detection fishfinder
  • Energy saving power
  • Koden Sona-Tone
  • Black box version also available (CVS-FX2BB)
  • Compatible with Olex systems

Broadband provides greatly enhanced fish detection making it easier to differentiate between the various fish species, large shoals of fish & the seabed. The result is better-targeted catches & a contribution to conservation of fish stocks.

Features a dual, triple or quad frequency display with either a horizontal or vertical split. A range of Super Broadband transducers are available which operate on 38kHz to 75kHz, 130kHz to 210kHz & 85kHz to 135kHz.

Frequency can be adjusted in 0.1kHz increments for optimum fish detection, identification & also to avoid interference with echo sounders on other vessels. A 28kHz to 60kHz & 130kHz to 210kHz broadband transducer is also in development. fish finder

With Koden’s latest software update the CVS-FX2 & CVS-FX2BB can output both depth and hardness data to the Olex system on every depth transmission for a detailed 3D seabed map.  If the Olex system has the optional HT seabed discrimination module installed then Koden’s hardness data output will be utilized to produce a 3D seabed image with Bottom hardness (Ground discrimination) shown, thus enhancing fishing based on bottom contour and bottom hardness information.

The CVS-FX series is also compatible with Sodena Turbowin/Easywin/Solowin 3D systems fitted with the low cost GD option to directly plot hardness on both 2D and 3D. The premade HiRes 3D charts give unparalleled detail when combined with the Koden CVS-FX series sounder hardness data. fish finder

koden echo sounder fish finder fishfinder


Echo sounders CVS-FX1, CVS-FX2 & CVS-FX2BB are fully compatible with the Olex 3D navigation system

This koden souder is directly compatable to the olex chart plotter once it is installed with the HT module. This provides hardness of the sea floor bed as the illustration below shows.

OLEX HT KODEN SOUNDER fish finderOlex system with software version 8.4 or later
CVS-FX1 with software KM-F11 Ver. 1.01.49 or later
CVS-FX2/CVS-FX2BB with software KM-F15 Ver 1.01.49 or later and CW-395 connection cable from Koden.


Support Needed?

need help with this product?  Please do let us know and get in contact we will be as helpful as posible. fish finder

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