DRS4D-NXT 25Kw Solid Sate 24″ Radome exc cable

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DRS4D-NXT 24 Inch Solid State Doppler Radome


Furuno DRS4D-NXT

Furuno is the next Generation of Radar which combines a Solid-State Radar along with pulse compression a target Analyzer and a Fast Target Tracking utilizing Doppler effect technology.

The DRS4DNXT offers open-array performance in a compact 24” Dome.

Watch as Targets that approach your vessel change color. Green for Stationary Targets or those that are moving away and Red for those which are moving towards you. Improve safety and situational awareness with the DRS- 4DNXT radome.


  • NXT, Solid-State pulse compression Doppler Radar
  • Revolutionary Target Analyzer™ function instantly identifies hazardous targets
  • Fast Target Tracking™, up to 100 targets
  • RezBoost™ beam sharpening, equivalent to 2 degree beam width open array
  • Compact 24” radome with 25 W output power
  • Bird Mode, track birds to find the best fishing grounds
  • Simple installation, no need to open the radome, external PSU is not required
  • New smart-connector cable for retro fitting existing DRS cable installations
  • No warm-up time



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