Easywin Designed by fishermen for fishermen

Easywin developed for small to medium size fishing vessels with smaller crews

It includes special features designed to make all fishing operations easier, safer and more productive.

Easywin will help you to easily locate, record and retrace good fishing locations. By simple presentation of complex, but vital, information such as track, marks and tidal flow your workload is lightened.

Seafield Navigation have coupled their wide experience of fishing systems with Fishingwin powerful navigation tools, used on over 8000 vessels, to make Easywin the clear choice for fishermen. Important to many users, most existing fishing data (disks/tapes/eds etc)

can be imported and all shown at once. The tracks and marks you already have are overlaid on high quality UKHO or CMAP charts.

Easy to operate. All commonly used functions are easily accessible from a dedicated backlit controller and a trackball allows exact visual control and access to simple onscreen menu operations.

seafield navigation

Standard Features

  • Straight forward user interface
  • Connect to GPS, sounder, gyro, autopilot
  • Navigation route planning
  • Tide height prediction
  • Direct import of quod, maxsea, transas
  • Conversion from Trax, Fishmaster, CVP, Shipmate, Furuno with every plotter
  • opto-isolated inputs, 24V system
  • 1O” to 21″ 24Volt screens
  • Almost unlimited display of fishing data (marks, track & areas)*
  • UKHO 563 or CMAP charts

*dependant on PC spec

  • Anti grounding alarms
  • Superfast Zoom
seafield navigation Easywin Solowin Turbowin

Optional Features

  • Dual layer tidal stream display surface and seabed
  • Precision tide height predictor
  • ARPA & AIS tracking, collision avoidance and tactical awareness
  • AIS target filtering by vessel types

 Wrecks database

  • Seabed sediment database
  • Multicolour tracking by speed / depth
  • Roxann / Seascan / JRC / Hondex / Koden ground discrimination
  • Upgrade to Turbowin / MiniEcdis
  • Trawl tracking and dynamics monitoring (notus, ITI etc)
  • Pair trawl module (master controls slave)
  • 3D with free depth database and personal depth database
  • Ready made Hi Res database for 3D
seafield navigation esaywin solowin turbowin

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