Echomax Active-X Band

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Echomax Active-X Band

Active Radar Target Enhancer

Active X has FCC Approved ID: XZMACTIVE-X – NATO stock number 5840 99 904 3941.

Active-X-Band Radar Target Enhancer receives a signal from transmitting radar, amplifies and returns a stronger signal. This increases the likelihood of detection reducing the risk of collision and helps to alert oncoming vessels of your position.  Non use of the control box saves 10mA of power.


  • Designed to improve the radar detection range and visibility of small targets to X-band radar
  • Intended for small vessels with no radar fitted
  • enhance the RCS (radar cross section) of vessels up to 25m in length
  • Surface or flush mountable
  • Control box indicates reception of radar signals by flashing LED or switchable internal buzzer
  • Reception frequency: X band 9.32 – 9.5 GHz
  • Dimensions : Antenna (L x W): 478 x 40.5 mm; Weight: 327 gms excl. cable


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Weight1000 g
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 mm


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