Fully certified and low cost AIS fishing buoy tracking transponder

BUOY-Tracker is a high quality professional fishing buoy tracking transponder sold as a complete package solution. EM-TRAK BUOY-Tracker is a certified AIS AtoN transceiver. Therefore it is certified and legal for use on buoys. The Bouy Trackers construction is tough and high quality. This means it ideal for long term continuous use. So, consequently it can be used in the harshest conditions.

EM-Trak Bouy Tracker is convenient, easy to use and low cost.  The Bouy Tracker is certified and with a range of accessories to make things even easier.  Therefore, as a result the EM-Trak BUOY-Tracker will enable you to reliably locate and protect your fishing buoys.  Due to these features it makes it possible to navigate and locate your fishing bouys in any type of weather condition.

  • High grade plastics that will withstand the harshest environments ensuring greater longevity and lower overall lifetime cost.
  • Proven improved range performance compared with comparable products.
  • Innovative battery management system ensures increased longevity between charges. As a result allowing your em-trak bouy tracker to stay out at sea for a longer period of time.
  • Internationally certified to operate as an AIS AtoN thereby correctly marking the buoy as an AtoN and not incorrectly as a vessel like all the other competition



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Em-trak Buoy Tracker Quick Start Guide

Buoy-Traker Software


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Weight1000 g
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 mm
Mounting Bracket

Min/max pole diameter: 25mm to 55mm


Built in 2100mAh Lithium-ion battery pack


Up to 5 days operation at 5 minute reporting interval


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