Ultrasonic Anemometer – Gill WindObserver 65

Gill WindObserver 65 


WindObserver 65 is a precision, solid-state ultrasonic anemometer providing wind speed and direction data via a digital output and features an IP66 rated stainless steel housing, which is particularly suitable for use in saltwater environments.

This anemometer has an optional de-icing system enabling the sensor to operate effectively in environmental conditions experienced at high altitude or at sea and is recommended for use in aviation, marine and offshore applications.

Customer selectable vector rolling average and 3 second gust in accordance with WMO – No. 8 Seventh Edition 2008 ISBN 978-92-63-10008-5.

Key Features

  • PrecisionUltrasonic Anemometer      
  • 0-65m/s Wind Speed
  • 0-360º Wind Direction
  • IP66 rated stainless steel construction
  • Optional base mounts/cable exit
  • Free data logging software

Typical Applications

  • Aircraft Landing Systems
  • Wind Turbine Control Systems
  • Marine Vessel Dynamic Positioning Systems
  • Building Control and Structural Safety
  • Ports and Harbours
  • High Altitude Weather Monitoring
  • Road and Rail Monitoring and Safety Systems
  • Power Generation and Transmission Safety

External Links

Home Page: www.gill.com

Product downloads: windobserver-2axis

Product datasheet: WindObserver65

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Weight1000 g
Dimensions400 × 400 × 400 mm


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