MaxiMet GMX 500

MaxiMet is compact, robust and easy to install. Up to 6 environmental parameters can be
measured using integrated sensors. The data collected is communicated in a single, time stamped
output. Simple mounting options across the MaxiMet range allow for easy installation and
integration with the host system.

The MaxiMet range includes a variety of models offering different combinations of integrated
sensors. The most appropriate model can be selected to suit the specific application, ensuring the
required sensors are included, and without incorporating unnecessary sensors that might add cost
or consume additional power.

MaxiMet is designed to be configured to meet the requirements of the specific application. Using
configuration software available from Gill, a number of attributes, including measurement units,
communication protocols, parameter reporting order, and reporting frequency, can be modified.

MaxiMet is supported by a range of accessories. These accessories enable the product to be
configured, connected and installed easily. Sourcing any required accessories with the product
makes the procurement process easier and provides confidence that the best performance will be

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Weight1000 g
Dimensions40 × 40 × 40 mm


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