Mcmurdo Battery replacement for Max G -20

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McMurdo 5-Year Lithium Battery Pack

McMurdo Fastfind Plus and Fastfind MAX models of PLB.

This type of PLB from McMurdo & Kannad has a battery pack designed to be changed by the end user. It isn’t necessary to send it to a Service Agent for service. The Kit contains the replacement battery, plus two new sealing rings for the battery terninals on the PLB, and a new retaining screw. To fit the new battery, you’ll require a flat-head screwdriver for the retaining screw. Once the service has been completed, please responsibly dispose of the old battery. Most recycling centres accept Lithium Metal batteries 

Fitting the battery


*While the button is pressed for the test, the RED “ON” indicator will light up. On completion of the test (after approximately 8 seconds), the “GPS” Indicator will flash GREEN 3 times, and there will be 3 audible buzzes. The test has completed successfully. 
If the self test sequence fails, try testing again. fails a second time? try removing and re-seating the battery.
The problem persists, please contact us 


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