McMurdo SmartFind G5 GPS (Auto Float Free)

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SmartFind G5 GPS (Auto Float Free)

SmartFind G5 GPS

SmartFind G5 GPS Marine GPS EPIRB (Auto Float Free)

The McMurdo SmartFind G5 GPS (Auto Float Free) EPIRB offers all the features of the SmartFind E5 but with the addition of a high performance, multi-channel GPS which brings the location accuracy down to typically less than 62m, greatly increasing your chances of rescue in an emergency situation. It is supplied with a float free housing which automatically deploys and activates the EPIRB if the boat is sinking. The McMurdo SmartFind G5 GPS features a comprehensive diagnostic and self-test facility to keep you up to date on remaining battery usage and EPIRB operation.


  • 406/121.5MHz GPS EPIRB
  • International approval
  • High performance multi-channel GPS – typical accuracy less than +/- 62 m (Plus version)
  • High brightness flashing LED light
  • Minimum 48hr continuous operation
  • 6 year battery storage life
  • Comprehensive self test facility with battery use indicator
  • Manual release bracket
  • 5 year warranty

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