McMurdo SmartFind G5 GPS (Manual Bracket)

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SmartFind G5 GPS (Manual Bracket)

GPS EPIRB (Manual Bracket)

An Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) is a safety device carried by a vessel to alert search and rescue services and allow them to quickly locate you in the event of an emergency.

  • When activated transmits a coded message on a distress frequency

The Transmitted coded message is on a distress frequency which is monitored 24/7 by Cospas-Sarsat satellite system. The alert is relayed to the nearest Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC). As the satellites are in a polar orbit they offer global coverage therefore with an EPIRB you can summon help wherever you are on the planet.

  • Supplied as standard with a mounting bracket

Must be manually activated, however a SOLAS Auto Float Free Housing is also available which automatically deploys and activates the EPIRB when it is submerged.

  • EPIRB forms part of the GMDSS mandated equipment package required by law for all commercial vessels over 300 tons

Non-mandate vessels and leisure boats choose to carry an EPIRB for safety and have been responsible for saving hundreds of lives.

  • McMurdo SmartFind G5 GPS (Manual Bracket) EPIRB offers all the features of the Smartfind E5

The G5 has a multi-channel GPS which brings the location accuracy down to typically less than 62 meters this greatly increasing your chances of rescue in emergency situations.



  • 406/121.5MHz GPS EPIRB
  • International approval
  • High performance multi-channel GPS – typical accuracy less than +/- 62 m (Plus version)
  • High brightness flashing LED light
  • Minimum 48hr continuous operation
  • 6 year battery storage life
  • Comprehensive self test facility with battery use indicator
  • Manual release bracket
  • 5 year warranty

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