NMEA Buffer designed for marine MP2x8i

Marine NMEA buffer MP2x8i NMEA0183 RS422 Dual Auto Switch

The new NMEA Buffer has been designed to distribute NMEA or other RS422 signals from one transmitter up to 8 listeners any inpuuted transmitted signal is galvanically isolated from the power supply and all listeners a normal must when dealing in today marine enviroments.

The MP2x8i can also operate with signal speeds up to 230400 bauds per second and power supply ranges from 9 to 36 VDC a selling point for all classes of vessels.

The MP2x8i has two operating modes: Dual Independent Transmission and Single Input Transmission with auto switching meaning when a single Input Transmission is in operation you are able to connect two independent NMEA transceivers and distribute the main signal to all listeners.

NMEA buffer MP2x8i
Dual input independent transmission mode
NMEA buffer MP2x8i
Single input transmission with auto switching

Technical specifications for the NMEAS buffer model MP2x8i

·2 inputs / 8 outputs
·Input / output speed up to 230400 bps
·Isolated 9-36VDC power supply
·Reverse polarity protected
·Individually isolated input and output
·Strong aluminum housing
·Pluggable PCB terminal block for easy access & installation

Operating modes MP2x8i

·Auto-switch mode: If input signal #1 is lost for 30 seconds the NMEA buffer will automatically switch to input signal
·Dual mode: Operate as two independent buffers with 1 input and 4 outputs


Marine Operation Uses To The End user

The NMEA buffer MP2x8i can be used for:

  • Auto-switch mode: two GPS’s for backup of positional data on all ships bridge
  • Auto-switch mode: interface your GPS and Satellite Compass (configured to output position) to backup position data to other equipment’s on the bridge
  • Dual mode: Use to interface two different equipment’s to equally spread data such as heading and position AIS data or whichever NMEA183 data dividing all ports banking 4 ports each


MP2x8i NMEA Buffer – User Manual

MP2x8i – EC Declaration of Conformity*for installations on all class of vessels

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Weight1000 g
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 mm


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