Navtex Passive Antenna MPNavtex-P

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Navtex Passive Antenna MPNavtex-P. Developed to perform in narrow bandwidths and perform with get great gain at designed operating frequency

Data Sheet: MPNAVTEX-P Passive

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Navtex Passive Antenna – MPNavtex-P navtex MPNavtex P Passive Antenna

Navtex Passive Antenna

Connector Type PL female
Bottom diameter(mm) 28mm
Fittings On pipe tube 1”gass thread
Structure Epoxy Fiberglass
Finishing Polyurethane Paint
Colour White RAL 9000 Grey RAL 7001
Ferrule Chrome plated brass
Working temperature -35°C + 80°C
Length Fiberglass(m) 0.50m
Weight (kg) 1Kg
Frequency (Khz) 490-518
Impedance (ohm) 50  Navtex Passive Antenna
Gain -3 db halfwave dipole
Polarization vertical
Lightning protection DC Ground
Base torsion force (N) 5 (at maxwind speed)

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