Product information:

Dial diameter Φ 48mm, enlarged to Φ 62mm

Scale graduation 0 °~360 °, 5 ° for each grid

Operating temperature – 20 ℃~60 ℃

Pointing error (H=35 μ T,T=20±3℃) ≤1.5°

Half cycle (H=35 μ T,T=20±3℃) ≥3 S

Friction error (H=35 μ T,T=20±3℃) ≤1°

Correction energy of main semicircle deviation 0 °~30 °

Lighting power supply DC 24V (12V)


Has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, accurate direction, high sensitivity, clear dial and is applicable to yachts, lifeboats, closed boats for indicating the course or identifying the direction.

Comes standard with 12v lighting. 6 & 24v lighting options are available.

In the box:
Compass X1PCS

Weight0.30 g
Dimensions130 × 130 × 112 mm

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