Comar NMEA-2-WiFi Interface

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NMEA to WiFi Interface: OVERVIEW

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The NMEA-2-WIFI Interface provides a low cost method of setting up a wireless network (802.11 b/g) on board and to use available Apps on your iPhone, iPad or PC to display all your electronic data including position, AIS data, depth, wind, compass etc.

Simple to set up, the NMEA-2-WIFI interface has 2 NMEA inputs which are multiplexed to a single high speed data output which transmits NMEA 0183 data over WIFI for viewing on a smart phone or tablet using suitable Apps or a PC Navigation program, and provides 2 way communication between the WiFi device and any suitable NMEA devices. With 2 inputs, it can accept NMEA 0183 data at 4800 from any GPS, Chart plotter or other navigation instruments, plus a 38,400 baud input from any AIS receiver or transponder, so you only need one unit to collect and transmit all the navigation data to your portable device over WiFi.

For a vessel with a chart plotter at the nav station, using the Comar NMEA-2-WIFI, the helmsman can view all the navigation data on deck via an iPad or iPhone and for boats with the chart plotterat the helm you can check all the critical navigation data down below, making your boats data truly portable.

Note: The unit can only connect to one device at a time. A suitable App or Program is required.


  • Dimensions overall: L 120 mm W 86 mm D 37 mm
  • Power: 9-30 V dc
  • Current: 100 mA @ 12 V dc
  • Input: NMEA 0183 at 4800 Baud and 38,400 Baud
  • Output: NMEA 0183 at 38,400 Baud
  • WIFI: 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g
  • Transmit: Output power +12 dBm
  • Connections: 8-way Screw Terminals



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