RG213/U Coaxial Cable With Optional x2 RF Plugs – N Type or UHF Male

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RG213/U coaxial cable with multiple length options between 10 and 30 meters.

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RG213/U 50 Ohm RG Coaxial Black PVC with x2 N Type Or UHF Male Option


  • RG213/U Coaxial Cable,
  • N Type, UHF choice Options
  • Length of cable 10 Meters to 30 Meters
  • Optional Plugs choice
  • In house assembly option on request


What RG213/U comes with:

Selected Length Of Cable:

10M, 15M, 20M, 25M, 30M

Selected RF Plug

UHF or N-Type


Design of the RG213/U

From Inner to Outer:

Multi-strand Copper, Dialect, Single Braid, PVC Outer Sheath


RG213/U Purpose

This high quality RG213U cable is designed for VHF runs between 10 to 30 meters.  Due to the quality of this RG213/U type cable; It is able to provide extremely low loss on up to 30 meter runs in the VHF marine band.  Paring this cable with either of the offered plugs means you have an extremely high quality, low loss and durable cable.

UHF/N-Type Plugs

Both of these plugs are Top Hat version clamped plugs.  Once installed they will NOT come off. We also offer an in house service were additional heatshrink adhesive lining is added which adds additional protection to your cable both to the inside and outside places as to were you decide begin and end the RG213/U  cable run.

Depending on your Radio, AIS or Antenna will determine what plug you require this can be found normally on the data sheets of the products.

Data Sheet – Cable information

RG213/U cable can be used with most Marine Antennas our highest selling antenna is AC Antennas

AC Antennas – Home Page Link

AC Antennas – Shop Link


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