S300 antenna AIS splitter

S300 AIS splitter

The AIS S300 Antenna splitter is a small, robust VHF antenna splitter that allows your AIS transceiver and VHF radio to share a single antenna.


em-trak S300 AIS Splitter Product Overview

  • Auto fail safe In the event of power loss, VHF radio automatically takes priority.
  • One antenna, 3 devices Allows AIS, VHF Radio and FM radioto share a single antenna.
  • Maximum Performance Advanced technology ensures zero performance loss.
  • Minimal Power Consumption Maximum performance with minimal power consumption.
  • Zero performance loss.
  • Auto fail safe feature.
  • Multiplexes multiple devices to a single antenna.
  • Small, easy to install & use


S300 AIS Splitter:


The em-trak S300 provides you with reliable, high performance VHF antenna
sharing capability. With the S300 a single VHF antenna can simultaneously
support the full operation of your AIS transceiver, VHF radio and FM radio.
After fifteen years of creating marine electronics products we understand
the environment within which our products must operate. The S300 is a
single small unit which is simple to install and use and has been specifically
designed, engineered and manufactured for long term continuous use in even
the most extreme marine environments.
The S300’s core technology enables it with superior performance which
translates into zero performance loss for the connected devices. The S300
is an ideal complement to a good quality Class B or Receiver where there
is an existing VHF antenna available currently used for your VHF radio.



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Weight1000 g
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 mm


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