SAILOR 6018 Message Terminal – 10″

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SAILOR 6018 Message Terminal – 10″

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SAILOR 6018 Message Terminal – 10″ – For GMDSS.
With Distress Button Including: – Mounting Bracket – Operating Manual
Included in system


– Mounting Bracket

– Operating Manual

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SAILOR 6018 Message Terminal for GMDSS with Distress Button

The SAILOR 6018 Message Terminal is designed to enhance the efficiency of safety communication in a SAILOR 6000 GMDSS installation, as Inmarsat mini-C or as a radio telex terminal.

Regardless of its application, it is a unique product that uses touchscreen technology in maritime safety communications for easier, safer and more efficient operation.

Cobham SAILOR 6018 Features include:

  • touch-screen display with dimming
  • night and day vision
  • USB support
  • GMDSS distress button Easy-to-use icon based interface ThraneLINK

A number of sub-systems, such as alarm panels can be connected using RJ45 Ethernet cables via the SAILOR 6197 Switch, making installation of the SAILOR 6018 Message Terminal easier and less costly.

Additional cost-saving features include a revolutionary approach to cabling with the use of NMEA 2000 style cables and connectors, and the ability to present GMDSS system battery data, therefore removing the need for a battery panel, provided that the SAILOR 6081 Power Supply and Charger is used.

SAILOR 6018 Touch-screen

The SAILOR 6018 Message Terminal fea- tures a high resolution touch-screen that offers clear benefits to safety and opera- tional efficiency, as it enables the user to quickly and easily carry out GMDSS and communication tasks, therefore leaving more time for other critical jobs on board.

Even when using the keyboard and mouse input method, controlling the multimedia style interface, with easy-to-use, intuitive, icon based operation is very straight-forward.

Thrane Thrane 6018 Message Terminal Purpose Built

The SAILOR 6018 Message Terminal is built specifically for use at sea, and with the SAILOR dedication to quality, it is a highly reliable system that is able to withstand the harsh maritime environment.

Please note SAILOR 6018 replaces earlier model SAILOR 6006.


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