Sailor 6150 mini-C Distress

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SAILOR 6150 Non Solas System

Included in system

– SAILOR 3027 Non Solas Distess Terminal

– SAILOR 6194 Terminal Control Unit

– SAILOR 3042E Accessory kit incl.

– Mini/Micro NMEA2K Tee

– 6m NMEA2K Power Cable

– 6m NMEA2K Micro Device Cable

– User/installation guide

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Sailor 6150 mini-C Distress

Sailor 6150 fully approved dedicated Vessel Management System (VMS) and tracking terminal. Also offering  Non-SOLAS distress functionality and the reception of EGC messages and SafetyNet/FleetNet.

SAILOR 6150 mini-C Distress is a single, self-contained and sealed terminal, housing both antenna and transceiver.
Rugged and reliable, especially for use aboard the harsh environment of a professional fishing vessel and with the terminal’s 50 channel GPS module and omni-directional antenna, satellite fix and position are ensured even under the most adverse conditions.

Maritime Distress Calling

SAILOR 6150 mini-C Distress features the trusted Inmarsat-C maritime Non-SOLAS distress function. No matter where you go or how wild the sea, pressing the distress button activates a high priority distress message relayed automatically to the nearest MRCC. The MRCC will respond with rescue coordination activities including EGC SafetyNet messages to all nearby vessels so assistance may be provided.

  • Vessel Monitoring System (VMS)SAILOR 6150 mini-C Distress provides a number of advanced satellite tracking functions. GeoFencing aloows you to divide relevant sea areas into a range of geographical zones defining areas of interest where specific reporting intervals come into effect and also be alerted when your vessel is out of its designated zone.
  • Two-Way Messaging – With SAILOR 6150 mini-C Distress it is easy to send various types of text messages. Simply connect a PC and you are ready to receive Enhanced Group Calls (EGC) or send catch reports. You can also exchange e-mails, fax, SMS, and special messages to other Inmarsat-C users.
  • Free Enhanced Group Calling (EGC) – EGC can improve safety and at sea, it can include severe weather warnings, drifting goods notifications and distress information about nearby ships or general information from flag authorities on shore (SafetyNet/FleetNet).


  • Maritime Distress Calling
  • satellite fix and position
  • omni-directional antenna
  • 50 channel GPS module
  • Vessel Monitoring System (VMS)
  • Two-Way Messaging
  • Free Enhanced Group Calling (EGC)

Product Sheets




Power Supplies & Chargers

SAILOR N163S Power Supply

SAILOR 6080 AC/DC Power Supply

Accessories & Kits

SAILOR 6018 Message Terminal – 10″


Opt. 50m NMEA2K Mini Device Cable
Opt. 30m NMEA2K Mini Device Ca
Opt. 15m NMEA2K Mini Device Cable
Opt. 10m NMEA2K Mini Device Ca
Opt. Female Mini NMEA2K field Conn
Opt. Inline Micro termination Conn
Opt. Micro NMEA2K Tee
Opt. Mini/Micro NMEA2K Tee
Opt. 6m NMEA2K Micro Device Cable
Opt. 6m NMEA2K Power Cable
Opt. Male Mini NMEA2K Field Conn
Opt. Male Micro NMEA2K Field Conn
Opt. 20m NMEA2K Micro Device Cable

Options & Add-ons

Opt. SAILOR GLONASS add-on kit

Batteries & Chargers

SAILOR 6195 Battery Option for TCU

Installation Accessories

Converter kit for mini-C 3026 cable to new NMEA2K
Opt. Mountind Bracket TT-3027 Mini-C
SAILOR 3042E Distress Panel


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