SAILOR 6280 AIS System

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AIS System

A major innovation of the SAILOR 6280 AIS System is its modular design. Being a ‘black box’ solution ensures highly flexible installation possibilities. It is 100 % network integrated; just install the black box transponder wherever convenient and connect it via LAN (using the sophisticated Lightweight Ethernet protocol) to the SAILOR 6004 Control Panel (touch display) for complete installation flexibility.

Touch innovation

SAILOR has pioneered the use of touch screen bridge equipment with the SAILOR 6006 Message Terminal, which is part of the industry leading SAILOR 6000 GMDSS Series. The new touch display for the SAILOR 6280/6281 AIS System is a natural progression of this, offering intuitive and familiar control. Operating the SAILOR 6280/6281 AIS System is similar to using your smartphone; simply activate the functions by activating the app on the display. This is a concept that can truly revolutionize the way to work on the bridge.

Advanced features

In addition to its innovative design and operation, the SAILOR 6280/6281 AIS System delivers high performance on basic parameters, such as sensitivity, immunity, and blocking, so you can be confident in its ability to deliver and receive all AIS information at all times. A strong feature set, designed to provide safe and flexible operation based on reliable AIS data, makes the SAILOR 6280/6281 AIS System one of the most advanced Class A compliant systems available.

  • All parts included in the box – even the SAILOR 6285 Active GPS Antenna
  • Built-in Self-diagnostic system
  • Possibility for one-antenna installation (Common VHF and GPS antenna)
  • River use compliant – Compliant with CCNR requirements (Central Commission for navigation on the Rhine)
  • Works with both GPS and GLONASS
  • Support message for Long Range Satellite tracking on channel 75 & channel 76
  • Interface for ‘Pilot Plug’

Integration flexibility

Both the SAILOR 6280 AIS System and the SAILOR 6281 AIS Basic System, feature the ThraneLINK application interface. This makes servicing easy. The system is designed to be used standalone or as part of an Integrated Navigation System (INS).



Transceiver Dimensions:16cm x 27cm x 4.2cm
Transceiver Weight:1.15 kg
Antenna Dimensions:7.8cm x Ø9.1cm
Antenna Weight:0.15 kg
Operating Temperature:-15°C to +55°C


Input Voltage:10 – 31V DC

In the box

SAILOR 6282 AIS Class A Transponder
SAILOR 6285 GNSS Antenna – Active
SAILOR 6283 AIS Connection Box incl Wall Mount
SAILOR 6004 Control Panel
Interface for Pilot Plug
50 pin SUB-D with cable (1m)
5m connection cable
Power Cables
Mounting screws
Installation Guide
Test sheets

Additional information

Weight4000 g