Screened Data Cable at Your Chosen Length

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Screened Data Cable with multiple length options between 3 and 30 meters.

Technical Data Sheet

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Screened Data Cable

Screened Data Cable

What Comes With Screened Data Cable:

Selected Length Of Cable:

3m, 5m, 8m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m.


From Inner to Outer:

Two Multi-strand Copper Cores, Aluminium Foil, Single Copper Braid, PVC Outer Sheath.

Screened Data Cable

Screened Data Cable Purpose

The high quality of this data cable makes it perfect for use within the marine industry and beyond.  Firstly its strong PVC sheath and Copper Braid makes it extremely durable from numerous forms of hazards to cable including; Being crushed, cut through and friction.  Secondly its multi-core strands means it is a lot more resilient to being bent. Therefore giving it a lot more flexibility around sharp corner.  Finally the Copper Braid protects the cable from being induced by other AC cables running in parallel with this cable.  This is especially important when working with sensitive DC equipment (In-depth Explanation on AC Cross-talk).  All this makes the Screened Data Cable the perfect choice for interfacing the wide range of marine equipment on board your vessel.


Data Sheet – Cable information


If you require a special data cable, different size diameter or require more cores then please email us directly on  We will be as helpful as possible to meet your cabling requirements.


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