SoloWin Small fishing Vessel's or Workboat Plotter

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The solewin plotter has been specifically designed for one man vessel operations

The software contains features specially created to handle the unique and challenging conditions encountered by a small vessels

With user data directly  SoloWin and the larger Fishingwin systems, Turbowin and Easywin, smaller and larger vessels with differing gears types can now avoid

each others working  damage and increasing productivity.

User data can also be transferred from many existing and obsolete plotters.

Extra safety features are essential for the solo mariner. UKHO charts enable anti grounding warnings and AIS tracking allows collision avoidance with audio warnings. Routes can be created and autopilot control is available to allow the user extra time for other tasks.

With 10.4″ or 15″ screens to choose from coupled with a tiny fanless PC and low power consumption it is suited to even the smallest vessels.

The spray proof backlit controller can be located remotely from the display for dual station operation or a second controller can be added. Most everyday operations are handled through the backlit controller. A single key push adds various marks, starts or stops, tracking etc while more comprehensive operations are carried out via the trackball.

Easy to operate. All commonly used functions are easily accessible from a dedicated backlit controller, and a trackball allows exact visual control of simple onscreen menu operations.

The backlit controller can be remotely mounted as a dual operating station.

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seafield navigation

Standard Features

  • Connects to autopilot to steer vessel’s
  • Straight forward user interface
  • Solid state PC and screen
  • Fanless PC – no air intakes
  • 10 – 36 VDC powered
  • Galvanic isloated power – no negative earths
  • Tide height prediction
  • UKHO S63 charts from our catalogue
  • Transfer of existing user data from Simrad CX,Trax, CVP,Shipmate, Furuno, Fishmaster, Quod, Olex, Maxsea

 Optional Features

  • 3D with ready made Hi Res bathymetry
  • Precision tide height indicator
  • AIS tracking / anti collision warnings
  • CMAP max charts
  • 10.4″ or 15″ screen choice
  • Speaker for audible warnings
  • Backlit controller


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