How to use the mask:

1. Adjust the diving goggles according to the individual’s face and comfort, use the mask to close the face to pull the headband, and use the adjusting buckle to pull it to a comfortable level. Pay attention that the headband should not be too tight.

Do not deform the mask.

2. When working under water, in order not to affect the tightness of the mask, the pulling of the mask should be minimized. If there are innumerable water droplets or water seepage in the mask, please stop diving.

The water immediately surfaced to remove the accumulated water in the mask, and the well was re-equipped for debugging.

(Adjustment and wearing method)

Hold the mirror surface outside the mask with your left hand. Then turn the headband outward to the back of the left palm. Use your right hand to move the hair towards

Attach the mask to your face after dialing back.

â—ŽAfter finishing the headband with your right hand, make sure that there is no distortion.

Wrap the headband around the back of the head. If the mask clamps the hair, the water will

Flow into the mirror. Please confirm carefully before use.

Attach the mask to your face and adjust the length of the headband. noodle

The tightness of the mirror, you can breathe out through your nose, and the mirror is like

The degree of air leakage is better.

1. Too loose headband may cause accidents due to loose mask.

2. Masks with appropriate specifications may be caused by facial movements or the relationship with the waves

And there was water ingress. Do not take off the mask at this time, and proceed directly to [mask drainage]

To drain the water.

Product information:

CLOLOR: Pink/blue/orange/light green

MASK MATERIAL: Polyvinyl chloride,

ENS MATERIAL: High-definition wear-resistant and high-pressure tempered glass

FRAME MATERIAL: Polypropylene.

Packing list:

Diving goggles x1

Weight0.16 g
Dimensions150 × 120 × 120 mm

Blue, Yellow, Pink, Black, Semidry blue, Semidry yellow, Semidry pink, Semidry black, Set A, Set B, Set C, Set D, Full dry blue, Full dry yellow, Full dry pink, Full dry black, Set E, Set F, Set G, Set H


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