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Tap into 5G Connected Future of Maritime

Anywhere, Anytime, Hyper-connectivity, Marine Internet Access

Marine internet is Introducing SailaWave – revolutionary 5G marine internet service providing end-to-end wireless connectivity solutions designed for maritime industry. It blends in perfectly with any yacht and ship decor, providing unparalleled 4G/5G radio network for up to 30km from the coast.

SailaWave 5G marine broadband

Super Wide Wireless Coverage

SailaWave 5g marine broadband

Seamless International Internet Connection

SailaWave 5g marine broadband

5G Data Throughput

SailaWave Antenna

SailaWave 5g marine broadband

System Features

Wide Radio Coverage

Wide Radio Coverage Reliable omnidirectional long-distance connectivity achieving 5G internet 30km from the coast

5G Gigabit Data Throughput

Increased traffic capacity and network efficiency with 5G/LTE @1.8Gbps

Wide Radio Coverage

Multi-operator enablement to achieve carrier auto-switching between providers with 4 SIM card slot support upgradable to 12 sim cards.

High-gain Antenna Array

High-gain 12dBi meaning the antenna array design is to ensure superior and reliable coverage

2 Modems Link Aggregation

Aggregate bandwidth for higher speed with two modems achieving connection speeds of 1.8Gbps

SailaWave Brings 5G Experience at Sea for marine internet access

Revolutionary end-to-end wireless connectivity solution that blends in perfectly with any vessels design providing unparalleled 4G/5G radio network.


8 x SIM card slots to extend provider coverage 

PoE to SailaDome ensuring easy one cable installation to the dome

MeshWiFi AP

Max. 12 SIM Cards Supported

5G Connectivity Masterpiece

SailaWave is a masterpiece of elegance, luxury, and performance. Whenever and wherever you are sailing or cruising to, SailaWave ensures uninterrupted connectivity for everyone from the moment when the yachts, boats, and cruises depart from the land.

Designed for Maritime Connectivity

Cutting-Edge Marine Internet Technology

Tri-sector high gain antenna:

The proprietary design with carrier-grade tri-sector antenna
panels delivers high gain omnidirectional coverage and supports the full wireless spectrum across high, mid and low-bands. Reliable long-range radio coverage up to 30km from the coast is guaranteed with patented
TransWave and OmniRay antenna technology..

Auto antenna switching:

Proprietary BeamSteer algorithm automatically detects the strongest
cellular signal and selects the best-performing antennas inside SailaDome. Optimal wireless connectivity is guaranteed at all time.

Multi-SIM selection:

Adopting secured IP tunnelling protocol between SailaDome and
SailaJoint, the SailaWave system supports up to 12 SIM cards and ensures uninterrupted connectivity during cross-border cruising with alternative roaming options. Built with auto carrier selection capability, SailaDome automatically connects to the best available carrier network that provides the strongest signal.

Unparalleled link throughput:

Powered by LinkFusion technology and embedded dual 5G
modems, SailaDome offers up to 2 times 5G link throughput. Best customer experience is guaranteed with low latency, uninterrupted data transfer, and higher reliability.

Mesh Wi-Fi:

SailaJoint (SIM extender) and multiple SailaPoint (Wi-Fi mesh AP) automatically form a Mesh Network to extend connectivity on board. Reliable high-speed Wi-Fi coverage is guaranteed for ships with multiple decks.

Ease of installation:

SailaDome supports Power Over Ethernet, requiring single Ethernet cable
connection to SailaJoint for both data transmission and power supply.

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