F&C Marine Limited

The good vessel

Service required to autopilot due
to loss of step data

Loss of heading required

The good vessel Kommander’s auto pilot had not been operating correctly for a true north heading and needed this to operate as the vessel was now due to operate outside UK waters and the auto pilot had to be used or would have been manual steering to Norway.

F&C Marine were able to attend for service in quick time to investigate into the issue

Its was noticed that the heading input port was being sourced from an incorrect location

This was put correct by our engineer and tested with all other instruments via the onboard gyros in service test mode providing proof that all is now operating as it should be.

After service crew and their navigator was very thankful for the fix

Big thanks goes out to Charity & Taylor and our service engineer for getting this done in quick time you both did a great job under a pressured environment.